I have been referring patients to the Chris Moody Centre since it first opened 4 years ago. Patients have received physiotherapy and hydrotherapy from the extremely experienced team of clinicians based at the centre. The centre has the only hydrotherapy unit in the Northampton area which is a great aid to patients recovering from injury and surgery. The range of expertise available amongst the rehabilitation therapists is huge and I have had nothing but positive feedback from my patients relating to the ambiance of the centre, the quality of the facilities and the skills of the treating clinicians.

William Ribbans - The County Clinic - Professor of Sports Medicine / Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

This is one of the best facilities for recovery in Europe

Mark Bitcon - S&C Coach, England Rugby League

Physiotherapy has been great at helping me with neck/shoulder problems after an accident I had. The centre is easily accessible to come to & sessions are always on time. A great service, thank you.

Physiotherapy Attendee

The resources, your approach and facilitation are of the highest quality

Richard Carter - Consultant Physiotherapist, West Bromwich Albion FC

My sister attends the centre for hydrotherapy & without it she would not have achieved as much as she has. I can't thank you enough for the treatment she receives. The facilities are always clean and the staff are always friendly.

Hydrotherapy Pool Attendee

The aqua aerobics classes are brilliant! The teacher is enthusiastic, caring and attentive each week with a new set of exercises. Thank you.

Aqua Aerobics Attendee

Great day at the centre with our A level students. Fantastic opportunity to put theory into practice. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity, we will be back!

Joe Rich - P.E. Teacher, Caroline Chisolm School

I was almost a beginner, with no confidence in the water. Marjorie steadily built my confidence levels, so that I was soon able to put my face below water (which previously horrified me), then backstroke, sculling and floating on my back, front crawl and even treading water. To accomplish this smoothly within six lessons astonishes me. My husband, a confident and strong swimmer, picked up much useful information to improve his technique.

Satisfied Swimmer